Banfield (Petsmart) Pet Insurance

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Banfield (Petsmart) Pet Insurance

People have a love for their kids, and sometimes their children get into a lot of odd situations. People have pets, and they can get into a lot of odd situations too. There are differences between each, but both need their own type of health insurance, and preventative care too. A pet owner’s worst nightmare is not being able to take care of their pet, and people need to keep in mind that paying for medical expenses for pets can add up. You can prevent some of these emergency pet medical expenses, and one of the options to take care of your pet is with preventative care through Banfield. Is it the best way to take care of the health of a beloved pet? Even though some people call it Banfield Pet Insurance, it is actually a wellness plan. Get more information here.

Banfield vs. Pet Insurance

Banfield pet hospitals in PetSmart stores can provide Wellness Plans, but don’t have pet insurance. The Wellness Plans focus on preventative care, not illness or injuries. They will not reimburse costs for Emergency Room visits or accidents.

How Does It Work?

The packages include exams, vaccinations for diseases such as rabies, and treatments for fleas and other parasites. A dog, puppy, cat, or kitten can receive unlimited office visits and dental care. All you need to do is make sure there is a PetSmart near you and purchase a pet insurance plan from Banfield.

Pros And Cons

Banfield pet hospitals are all across the U.S. and offer weekend and evening hours that help pet parents manage work and pet care. Personalized plans are available, and pets can visit the office as many times as wished. However, an annual contract automatically renews and can become expensive, so get the right plan for you. The pet owner must also visit a Banfield pet hospital specifically instead of going to other places that care for pets. Pet insurance could be used anywhere, inclusive of Banfield.

How Much Does Pet Care Cost

Banfield Wellness Plans are $12.95 per month or more. The basic plan for dogs includes diagnostic testing, fecal exams, and de-worming. Upgrading the plan can add on services such as urine testing, x-rays, and dental cleaning. The basic plan will give 10% of Banfield services and items, while the upgraded plans will give higher discounts. An owner can ask to add spay/neuter services or a DNA test. Take some time to look at the different plans; having this many options is a definite perk.

Do You Need A Wellness Plan?

The short answer is if you can afford it, it is a great thing to have. Most pet insurance plans do not include preventative care, though some do offer optional wellness reward programs. This separation pet insurance providers have makes coupling up Banfield Wellness Plans with other pet insurance plans easy to do. You should also consider the location of your closest PetSmart, and if it is less far away than a local vet’s office. Sometimes it can be very convenient to get to, and other times it might be some distance away. Fortunately, there are many PetSmart stores out there. This can also make it easier to try different stores out to see which staff fits your pet’s personality the best.

What Dog Preventative Measures Are Important?

There are a number of preventative measures for dogs, including vaccinations, parasite prevention, flea and tick control, dental care, routine blood work, nutrition, and behavior needs. Take a look at what Banfield offers to see which fits your needs the best.

Is Banfield Worth It?  (H2) People think about insurance policies, but you can find another option in Banfield. It is an excellent pan for healthier animals, and in some cases can be great paired up with insurance. Preventative care can help you avoid expensive costs, and will leave your furry (or not so furry) friend feeling chipper, happy, and more energetic. Use this Banfield Wellness Plan review to determine if this is the best pet care plan for you or if you want to use it with other petcare plan options. Banfield is worth it for pets that rely on preventative care and do not have chronic problems. Older pets or those likely to run into emergencies might benefit more from pet insurance. Even so, preventative pet care has benefits for them too.