What Is Car Insurance For High-Risk Drivers?

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What Is Car Insurance For High-Risk Drivers?

High-risk car insurance is one of the categories of car insurance that people can be placed into by auto insurance companies. There are many reasons that someone might be put into this grouping, but in general, people that need high-risk car insurance are going to pay more money overall for their coverage.

In some cases, finding car insurance as a high-risk driver can be difficult altogether. Some insurance companies simply won’t insure people who are high risk. On the other side of things, some car insurance companies specialize in only providing car insurance to people that are high risk, choosing not to insure anyone else. This means that you may need to look into specialized companies, which generally give the best car insurance rates for high-risk drivers, but are still pretty pricey. Are you a high-risk driver? Here are the reasons you might be.

What Determines If You Are A High-Risk Driver?

Some things automatically put people in the high-risk driver category. An example, getting a DUI or DWI offense. If you have gotten a DUI conviction, meaning you have been convicted of driving under the influence, you will have to pay much higher premiums if you want to drive when you do get your license back. There is an insurance type called SR22, and you will likely have to get it if you have gotten a DUI. In some places, they refer to this as DUI insurance.

SR22 is the highest risk coverage a car insurance provider can offer, and you must file this insurance with your states DMV to get your driving privileges reinstated. This will have to be on file for up to five years after your incident. In some states, this can stay on your record for a very long time, and you will be paying more for an auto insurance plan until it is no longer on your driving record.

There are other cases where someone might be a high-risk driver, and one of them is beyond a person’s control. Age can play a role in determining if a person is considered high risk. Young drivers have a much higher statistical likelihood of getting into an accident. What does that mean? That means that they can be regarded as high risk and car insurance providers can charge higher rates. Even with finding the best prices on car insurance, this younger age group can be expensive. This is why many parents look to get their kids on their policy instead of them getting one on their own.

In fact, first-time drivers of any sort are going to see higher rates. Not as much as younger drivers, necessarily, but higher than average nonetheless. This is another time when getting added to another person’s policy can save money on car insurance rates.

One reason a lot of people aren’t aware of until it happens to them; rates increasing due to a lapse in insurance companies. Many companies will give people a lapse of up to 30 days without increasing rates, but if you do not have car insurance for more than that, you are likely going to see some higher prices when you go to get a new policy.

In most states, poor credit can also net you higher rates on car insurance. There are three states, California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, that don’t let your credit score affect rates, but other than that… expect to pay a lot more if you are a low credit rate driver.

Of course, any mix of traffic violations, specifically more serious ones, can get you bumped into this category. The best advice? Drive safe and remember the tips below.

What To Remember When Looking For High-Risk Auto Insurance

Always compare rates for car insurance from multiple providers. This is true for everyone, but it is essential car insurance advice for high-risk drivers. The more money you might have to pay, the more you might be able to save. Get some quotes, use this site to do it, and compare rates. Take a look at companies that specialize in low prices, but also companies that specialize in giving high-risk drivers insurance policies.

Pay attention to your driving record and be a safe driver. Eventually, you are not going to be a high-risk driver anymore. This is not something that stays on your record forever. Maybe a number of years, but not forever. If you are high risk for one thing and stop paying attention, you might end up high risk for another thing later on. Drive safe and keep improving. Lastly, take advantage of all the other things you can do to lower your rate. You can improve your credit score, take driver safety courses, look into getting a car that is cheaper insure, and look for